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110w Semi-Flexible Solar Panels Using The Problem Raiders
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110w Semi-Flexible Solar Panels Using The Problem Raiders

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Can you charge a boat or RV?

for this 18V solar panel charger, it can work with all 12V rechargeable batteries. Sure thing. While the raw output is 18v and 2.5 amps in direct sunlight and not suited for charging your battery, having a charge-controller (around $20-$30) is the right way to manage the voltage, current and overall environment of your solar array.

Something as simple as one panel, charge controller, battery, and an inverter on your boat would be a nice simple setup to provide power for your boat.

Solar panel would charge your battery, controller would prevent over-charging, and control feeding 12v to your inverter - either from the solar panel or from the battery, whichever is most appropriate

Can you attach two or more of these panels in series?

Parrallel will increase the amperage. Series will increase the voltage. Just don't exceed the controller capacity. 

Keep in mind that you can run (with the right charge control) those into series/parallel well. 

We ran 18 panels into a single positive and negative post, then ran those post into (3) different ProStar Charge Controllers, then for the output (from the control) ran them to a positive and negative 'bus bar,' connected them to both the massive battery bank as well to our power consumers. We have not had any problems with this set up. Keep in mind that we are pushing 9600W through this system, so overheating was a concern but have never had a problem. 

What is happening if solar panel not showing up on the charge controller even though it is plugged in?

#1 Check your meter across a known voltage source to see that it is working.

#2 Check the output of the panel at the open male and female connectors for volts and amps per the data plate on the back.

#3 If you have volts and amps at the panel, reconnect the wiring and check for volts at the charge controller between input terminals.

#4 If you have input voltage and no regulated output voltage refer to a higher authority than me...

Can you walk on these?

Fro Marine Flexible solar panels,You should avoid walking on them, but if you must, I would select a person of low-weight and have them lay a clean, flat bed sheet down, then place a smooth piece of 1/4" plywood across them to spread the load a little better. You should make every attempt to install them in such a fashion as to mitigate the need to walk on them. This can even be accomplished by leaving enough space between the panels so that small blocks of equal size (with thin rubber on the top and bottom to stop scratches) can be placed there temporarily on which to lay a stiff platform on top. You can then lay on the support panel while not touching the photovoltaic panel, thereby allowing you to spend your time on any task required for an adjacent panel 

Does this produce power at 18 volts or 12 volts? i have a sunsaver pwm 10a solar charge controller?

The 12volt means it is designed to work with systems that are designed to work in the 12 volt range. Depending on how much sun the panel is getting the voltage will be as high as 18 volts. The controller will then adjust the voltage to the proper voltage the battery is needing at that moment i.g. 15 for equalizing, 14.2 for bulk charging, 13.2 for float and so forth. Read the specs on the various solar controllers if you need to know what the various voltages are for, not enough room here to explain.

How long is the warranty?

One year. 

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