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2019 Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS)

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      Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS)


1、Flexible solar panel-SP series

 20W to 150W solar panels can be easily mounted on curved surfaces. The unique grid design helps improve light utilization. Taking into account marine applications, we also use the latest ETFE-coated surface technology to prevent corrosion and salt spray, making it usable on ships and yachts without any inconvenience


2. Lightweight solar panel-LE series

This adopts our latest technology to achieve the ultimate lightweight design. It uses lightweight single-crystal cells to produce and install lightly. Especially in marine applications, we use composite materials and highly corrosion-resistant materials to coat. Surface to maximize its use in ships to improve efficiency.


3. Solar Panel Charger-SPC series

Portable chargers have great advantages. It has various models of 50W, 60w, 80w, 100W, 120w, and can charge 12 V batteries. It can also charge yachts, ships or any other marine equipment. It's lightweight and comes with a USB port. When you are troubled by the outdoor electricity on the ocean, our portable charging bag can bring you nowhere to use electricity. No matter your mobile phone or various mobile devices, you can use it. Charging kits for various devices, you can always consult us

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