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8x12.5w Mono Foldable Solar Panel Kit
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8x12.5w Mono Foldable Solar Panel Kit

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8x12.5w Mono Foldable Solar Panel Kit


Sungold 100W 36v Foldable Solar Panel is the most popular portable PV suitcase kit with charge controller so far, They are all designed as kit with a 10A charge controller (USB(3) Output included), Alligator Clamps, and Removable MC4 Connectors.

The suitcase is a must for camping. The folding solar panel kit can work to charge your vehicle's 12v battery (such for a car or boat) and power generator.


Charge the Solar Generator Inverter with adapter:

Remove the MC4 connectors (which is connected with wire to charge controller as default)

Connect MC4 Connectors with your solar generator's adapter

Start to charge


   High Conversion Efficiency: 100 Watt monocrystalline photovoltaic panels  which increases conversion efficiency up to 20%

Multi-Purpose: this foldable solar panel kit charges 12 Volts lithium Portable Power Station, 3 USB 5V output for phones/USB devices, the charge controller is removable for power bank or generator with regulator itself.

    Highly Portable: ultra lightweight of 4.48kg, ultra compact of folding size 360*295*40mm inch Outdoor Durability: weather-resistant, water-resistant, industrial-strength PET polymer laminated; 12 month worry-free warranty.

    For matching power bank generator with DC/AC inverter for laptops, Perfect Charging Pack to Bring Quick Charger Anywhere there is Sun.

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Charge It Anywhere


No matter where your adventures take you, charging up the Sungold 100w is quick and easy. At home, simply use the included AC charging cable with any standard wall plug to charge up the Sungold 100w in 6 hours-8hours. On the go, use one of Sungold is monocrystalline solar panels and juice up the Sungold from the power of the sun. Charging while on-the-road is easy with a 12V car charging cable.Do not leave your life at home。

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