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Analysis of EVA delamination

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Analysis of EVA delamination

    PV module processing technology using EVA, backplane, glass, battery and other materials composed of laminated, from welding to finished product testing and packaging into the library to complete the interaction between the various processes, the quality of components affect the user's outdoor use Life, from the actual production of components in the quality of the main problems are: the production of battery chip cracked pieces, bubbles, air plastic, component appearance deformation, wiring box burned and other issues.

    EVA is one of the most important auxiliary components in solar panel kit, and its excellent heat aging resistance is a necessary condition to ensure the life of components. Can make the performance of solar cells in the stability, reliability, durability and other aspects to be guaranteed.

    The following analysis of EVA delamination problem analysis:

    EVA delamination on the impact of components: delamination area is small when the battery components affect the high power failure; when the delamination area is relatively large lead directly lead to failure of the battery components.

    The causes of EVA delamination for solar cell modules are as follows:

    1, EVA, glass, backplane and other raw materials on the surface caused by foreign body.

    2, the amount of flux used in the outside for a long time encountered high temperature extension of the main grid line delamination.

    3, EVA raw material composition (such as ethylene and vinyl acetate) uneven lead to can not be dissolved in the normal temperature caused by delamination.

    4, cross-linked degree of failure (such as laminating machine temperature is low, the laminating time is short, etc.) caused.

Precautionary approach:

    1, strictly control the laminating machine temperature, time and other important parameters and regular cross-linking degree in accordance with the requirements of the experiment, and the degree of cross-linking control in 85% ± 5%.

    2, to strengthen the process of finished product appearance inspection 4. Strict control of the amount of flux, as far as possible not more than 0.3mm on both sides of the main grid line.

   3, to strengthen the improvement of raw material suppliers and raw materials inspection.

Analysis of EVA delamination
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