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Chris's experience of solar energy exhibition at the canton fair 2018

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The 123th Canton Fair on April 15th to 19th 2018,conference and exhibition center was held in Guangzhou. This is the first time that I participated in the exhibition as a representative of Shenzhen Sungold Solar Co., LTD. Although only one day of the opportunity, but still feel worth, because I really learned a lot.

As the company's new employees, it is a very rare opportunity.It is a rare exercise for clients.From smile to customer, courteous reception, introduction of products, exchange of Business Cards and so on.Here are some of my experiences on this exhibition.


1.The exhibition preparation should be sufficient.

As a foreign trade salesman, familiarity with the product is essential.Since we act as the media of our company's products and customers, our professional attitude will directly affect whether customers are willing to buy the products.Therefore, I have been familiar with the products and features of the company before the exhibition, and have a clear understanding of the products and markets of various countries.

2. Effectively analyze customers.

Visitors are divided into several categories: exhibition and other industry personnel, purchase intention, the industry people who want to know the market, people want to purchase the sample site, etc. And for us to accurately determine customer belong to which class, it requires a special observation potential.

Beware of spies: the Fair will often encounter the peer spies, they will be as the customer to set our prices and our product publicity materials and technology and even customer data, so our staff should be continue to this high degree of vigilance, don't offer at the fair.

3.Customer classification and tracking after the Fair.

Customer classification: according to the process and result of  communication with customers, the customer is divided into formal customers, potential customers and invalid customers.A formal customer is an old customer.A potential customer is a customer who has a clear intention to order our products, and only needs to follow up and confirm some details.Invalid client refers to the customer who only leaves the business card in the exhibition and does not communicate with each other, and the other party is only a customer who collects some information.We sorted out the customer records during the exhibition, and corresponded with the customer's business card information, and made further communication after the exhibition.

Contact customers: after Canton Fair,send emails to clients, and show the information of the exhibition. Through brief communication at the Fair, we will give our clients professional guidance. If there are photos taken with the customers in the Fair. It can be used as a souvenir and can attract customers' attention.

Reply to customers: after the email has been sent, some replies will be received successively. Reading the replies carefully, master the customer's true thoughts, and reply to the customer's reply. If the customer needs an offer for a product, make a quotation for the customer.

Follow up again: if the customer is satisfied with our product and price, we can advise the customer to test the sample. If we send an email, the customer doesn't respond, and a week later we can send another email or phone call. So that we can determine the possibility of future cooperation of this client.

For the exhibition, I think the company to participate in the professional industry exhibition, not only can show our company's products in the industry strength, can also be from the same company, see the lack of self, constantly improve themselves. The most important thing is that our products can be known, such as the British E-Cobuild exhibition in March, our company through the propaganda and promotion of the exhibition, and combined with the subsequent development work to follow up, our Sungold brand in the UK to get a good feedback. At the same time, I believe that the brand effect of Sungold will spread to more countries and to the whole world.

Chris's experience of solar energy exhibition at the canton fair 2018
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