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LE-100W18V Solar Lightweight Panel

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1、100W lightweight solar panel. 2、Mono solar cells 18.43% efficiency. 3、Durability Overall laminate composite 4、The weight of the panel is 4.00kg. 5、40% lighter than a glass plate and slight bending. 5、Lightweight and custom sizes make the solar panels easier to deploy
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100W ETFT solar lightweight panel for for rv, yacht, roof and so on


  • Beautiful design: The latest lightweight solar panel of the product overall laminate composite and the previous lightweight solar panel product edge layered structure;

  • Ultra-Lightweight: By replacing the glass ,the same power achieves a weight reduction of up to 40%;

  • Applications:Lightweight and custom sizes make the solar panels easier to deploy. Application for rv, yacht, roof and so on;

  • Durability:Strict quality control and selected, materials ensure the long-term reliability of the solar panels;

  • Mono solar cells: high module conversion efficiency; fast and inexpensive mounting, you will get greater power efficiency even though the panel is no larger than a traditional model;

  • Warranty: 1 year warranty, service life 10 years;

Electrical Characteristics:
Component ModelLE-20W18VLE-50W18VLE-100W18VLE-120W18VLE-160W18V
Maximum power(Pmax)20W50W100W120W160W
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp)17.817.817.817.817.8
Current at Pmax(Imp)1.122.815.626.748.98
Open circuit voltage(Voc)21.321.321.321.321.3
Short -circuit current(Isc)
Cells Efficiency(%)18.43%18.43%18.43%18.43%18.43%
The maximum system voltage200VDC(IEC)200VDC(IEC)200VDC(IEC)200VDC(IEC)200VDC(IEC)
Power temperature coefficient-0.45%/℃-0.45%/℃-0.45%/℃-0.45%/℃-0.393%/ ℃
Voltage temperature coefficient-0.33%/℃-0.33%/℃-0.33%/℃-0.33%/℃-0.33%/℃
Current tempwerature coefficient+0.05%/℃+0.05%/℃+0.05%/℃+0.05%/℃+0.05%/℃
Output power tolerance±3%±3%±3%±3%±3%
Data under standard testing conditions(STC):1000W/M²; 1.5AM
CellsETFE light weight Aluminium Plate mono solar panel
No.of cells and connections36(2X18)36(3X12)36(4X9)36(4X9)36(4X9)
Module dimension450*350*4mm505*675*4mm975*665*4mm1135*665*4mm1500*665*4mm
Maximum bending arch height8mm20mm40mm55mm95mm
Warranty: for 1 year and service lift of years.

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