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Lightweight Solar Panel-Easy to carry

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Sungold Lightweight solar panel:

Lightweight Impact Resistant Solar Panels 20W/50W/60W/100W/120W/160W Solar Panel Lightweight Impact Resistant Low Glare Non No Glass and Made in China(Sungold).

Crystalline silicon cell based solar panel(mono cells)

Advanced Non-Glass photovoltaic module

These Solar Panels are 40-50% lighter than glass panels. This makes it easier for shipping, handling, and installation, and also saves on costs

Why choose Sungold lightweight solar panel?

Over 40% lighter than glass

Superior strength and durability

Customizable shapes, sizes, and colors

High efficiency crystalline solar cells

Advanced encapsulating materials

The world's highest power-to-weight ratio

Made in the china

Lighter and thinner


These innovative Solar Panels, combines both advanced materials and a proprietary manufacturing process enabling customers to generate power in the most extreme environments. These Solar Panels are  impact resistance and have light-weight features. This will be greatly suitable for residential and commercial roofing, military, industrial, and transportation related applications,and But not as flexible as the same can be bent 30 degrees

When a glass module is shattered, the entire module will subsequently lose power.  Non glass Solar Panels are completely shatterproof. It is able to withstand hazardous environmental conditions (hail, rain, wind, heat, cold, and humidity). 


Blinding glare associated with glass panels can be dangerous and unsafe in certain applications. These Solar Panels utilize an advanced material property to reduce the reflection. This makes these solar modules perfect for applications where glare becomes a critical safety issue, like military bases, airports, and highways.

50W Solar Panels that are Lightweight, Shatterproof, High Transparency, Low Glare, High Efficiency, Frome Sungold

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Lightweight Solar Panel-Easy to carry
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