Quality Standards:

The solar panels manufactured by Sungold are supplied to solar modules manufacturers in UK, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia. These solar modules have passed all relevant certifications in accordance with IEC (EU) and UL (USA and Canada) standards.
ISO9001 (Certificate of Quality Management System Certification)
Certificate No.ABZB19Q30118R1M;
ISO14001(Certificate of Environment Management System Certification)
Certificate No.ABZB19E30056R1M.
Certificates: CE(reference NO. AT68320EC000014、ATPCAGP200722005、AT68320EC000011 and so on);
                   RoHS(reference NO. AT18300RC002945、AT18300RC00353-M1 and so on)



The customers are the most important asserts in solar business of Sungold. We are very grateful for the trust of our customers and cooperative partners. Thanks to your trust, the development of Sungold today is achieved. Therefore, we make commitment to quality control and customer service. Sungold aims to create strong relationships with partners who share its commitment to developing solar photovoltaic industry through hard work and dedication. We are committed to promote sustainability, to align the growth and profitability of the company with the great challenges of society.

Sustainable Development:

Responsibility is also opportunity. From the point of view of Sungold, it is an innovative and necessary commitment, as well as a firm commitment to economic development and social responsibility. 
The products we sold are to provide clean, renewable and indigenous energy, and to reduce consumption related to lighting, a key element in the social development.
Hope our high-quality solar panels with affordable price will help you gain more market, and win more reputation from your clients.


Sungold’s commitment to excellence growth takes the performance of a series of outstanding practices in management and results based on the concepts including results orientation, customer focus, leadership and perseverance, processes optimization, people orientation, continuous improvement and innovation, mutually beneficial partnerships and social responsibility. 
Any company should regard profitability as initial objective and provide economic benefits to their partners and employees.
Therefore, all Sungold members have to work with determination to make their activities profitable.

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