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PCB Flexible Solar Panel For RV

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PCB Flexible Solar Panel

160W 12V Mono Semi-flexible solar panel with BLACK PCB back sheet

PCB backsheet .Product warranty for 1 year, service life of 10 years. Product reliability test: IEC60904-3 test; IEC61701 salt spray corrosion test; outdoor exposure test: 60KW.H/m2; damp heat test:85°C, 85H under relative humidity

Monocrystalline Solar cells. Quality Solar panels with less cost, Normal Mono Poly solar cells are available.
Laminated with PCB+ETFE+sillicon cells+EVA
 At only 2.5mm thick, the solar panel is powerful, waterproof, lightweight, durable, and highly resistant to the harsh operating conditions of a marine environment

1. Made of PCB back sheet, this solar panel is lighter and softer than aluminum. This material also combines better with ETFE film than aluminum or plastic back sheet, which other panels frequently contain. This mix of technology and craftsmanship makes this one of best quality solar panels available today.

2. The first layer of the solar panel is made of ETFE.  this material has a very high sunlight absorption to reflection ratio. Other branded flexible solar panels often use PET, a cheaper alternative, which reflects significantly more sunlight than ETFE and thus reduces the solar panel's energy output. ETFE is a much more expensive and higher quality material than the PET. Almost all flexible solar panels on the market today now utilize cheap PET.

Perfect for curved roofs and surfaces where bonding is possible. Panels can also be secured by bolts or screws for further stability. Please do NOT bend the semi-flexible solar modules more than 15 degrees and easily mounted on an RV


PCB Flexible Solar Panel For RV
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