SGC-L-120W 19V Solar Panel Charger bag

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1、120W portable solar charger bag 2、The weight of the package is 4.36kg. 3、Mono Battery cell and 20% efficiency. 4、Four layers; Folding size: 515*395*30mm; Expand Size: 1980*510*4mm 5、Foldable, portable and durable. 6、Support selection of energy storage equipment
  • SGC-L-120W
  • Sungold

120W USB solar panel charger bag portable and foldable for 12v battery devices

  • ETFE material package, polymer material scratch-resistant, surface roughness treatment, increase light absorption efficiency.

  • The design of multi-gate cell lines can resist micro cracking.

  • can expand the interface design, in addition to charging with. the battery, you can also charge other energy storage devices.

  • Equipped with a controller, using PWM charging, to extend battery life, provide a variety of charge and discharge protection.

  • light receiving area, high short-circuit current, increased component power.

Electrical Characteristics:
Component ModelSGC-M-50W18VSGC-M-100W18VSGC-M-105W18VSGC-L-110W18VSGC-L-120W19V
Maximum power(Pmax)50W100W105W110W120W
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp)17.8017.8019.119.819.4
Current at Pmax(Imp)2.85.625.245.646.19
Open circuit voltage(Voc)21.3021.3022.923.422.89
Short -circuit current(Isc)
Conversion Efficiency:18.40%18.40%20.30%20.90%20.50%
Controller Waterproof:IP 30IP 30IP 30IP 67IP 67
Operating Temperature:-40℃ ~ 70℃-40℃ ~ 70℃-40℃ ~ +80℃-40℃ ~ +70℃-40℃ ~ +70℃
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax:-0.39%/℃-0.24%/ ℃-0.24%/ ℃-0.393%/℃-0.39%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of voc:-0.29%/℃-0.25%/ ℃-0.25%/ ℃-0.30%/℃-0.30%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of ISC:0.05%/ ℃-0.06%/ ℃-0.06%/ ℃0.039%/℃0.039%/℃
Output power tolerance±5%±5%±5%±5%±5%
Data under standard testing conditions(STC):1000W/M²; 1.5AM
Folding Dimension(mm):355*290*25mm360*295*40mm520*415*20mm440*440*45mm510*490*20mm
Unfold Dimension(mm):1385*355*4mm1385*730*4mm

Warranty: for 1 year and service lift of years.

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