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Summary After Spring Canton Fair

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First of all, I would like to thank the company for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Canton Fair, so that I can learn a lot from our department and let me know more about my job responsibilities and have a better understanding of the products and the market. I summed up my feelings below.


Flexible Solar Panel

Flexible boards are now accepted by more and more people, in fact only a few manufacturers produce it ,we have been producing this product since 2014, so far, we have a lot of experience. 

And we use the A-grade cells, best material to make it. Not only that, we also introduce new products constantly, allowing customers to have more choices and adapt to different markets.

Solar Charger Panel

I found many exhibitors show folding glass solar panel, compared with our products, they are just different in appearance. This product is already a very mature product for us. Now we have produced more lightweight charging bags, and has taken good results in Europe and Australia.

Glass Solar Panel

The glass panel has been in the market for many years, most exhibitors have that, But only a small number of people accept customization. We are one of them. Product range is 5W-320W, Customers can find most of needs from us.

Storage Battery

Energy storage products are the key products to be introduced in the future. more and more people choose this combination and we join them.


We have been permitted to export our products to Euro with no Anti-dumping Tax and identified by European Commission (Taric Code: B879). This is our greatest advantage, I should take advantage of this advantage to develop customers well.

After analysis, I think our company has great advantages. I am happy to join them. For individuals, I need learn English and product knowledge, and make myself more professional, providing more comprehensive services for customers.

Summary After Spring Canton Fair
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