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  • China Q1 solar installs top 5.5GW as groundwork is laid for expected end of year rush

    China installed 5.56GW of solar in Q1 2021, new data from the country’s National Renewable Energy Consumption Monitoring and Warning Center has revealed. Data released last week also revealed that at the end of March China’s total installed solar capacity had reached 259GW, an increase of around 24.

  • Sungold new product release: TF glass-free solar module

    TF photovoltaic module is an innovative glass-free solar module. It adopts proven crystalline silicon solar cell technology and polymer composite material to achieve a new type of pv module that is glass-free, lightweight and thin sheet. TF is as light as 3.5 kg/m2, which is only 30% of glass module

  • What is carbon neutrality? -- Sungold is going forward.

    Last year, China set a goal at the UN conference to achieve "peak carbon dioxide emissions" by 2030 and "carbon neutrality" by 2060. Since then, "carbon neutrality" has become a buzzword that everyone is talking about. What exactly is carbon neutrality? What does it mean for China's future economic

  • Advantages of solar energy

    Now, there is a lot of awareness around the world about solar energy and the ways we can use it to protect the environment. In addition to using renewable solar power in our houses, it also has many advantages. Here are 5 main advantages in which you should consider using renewable solar energy.Sola

  • Solar energy makes the Earth greener

    An essay has been released on a famous magazine proved that PV modules playing a vital role in environmental systems should be sharply increase. PV technology has experienced tremendous development in the past 14 years, making PV cheaper than assumption of IPCC. There are good reasons to believe th

  • Photovoltaic for RV

    image: googleMost people dream of an RV trip for keeping away from urban life. The RV may be an attracted-behind mobile camper or a modified vehicle. When you use an electrical hook in a camper, you may consider turning the RV right into photo voltaic-powered one. Unlimited holiday anywhere, while t

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