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Sungold Strengthens Its Industry-Leading Power and Warranty

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   Scouring the internet in vain, looking for answers, but unsure of whom to trust. So, what should you do if you're in the market for a solar power system -- or a solar stock? Well, while there may be no single authoritative source identifying which solar companies make the best solar panels, there does seem to be a consensus forming around a handful of solar companies that are all pretty good.But We absolutely believe that the user on the market 

   Because we know what direction we are in the direction of the market forward, what is the way to improve the efficiency and quality of the battery chip, for example, the use of sunpower cells production related photovoltaic products

    After years of fighting against rapidly falling prices for commodity solar modules from China, buyers are starting to value higher efficiency and better-quality modules. And SunPower is ready to extend its lead in that section of the our products have been high quality requirements using the type of products are produced with SunPower CELLS,Because SunPower panels are built to work reliably for decades, the company now guarantees at least 98 percent power for the first year, followed by a maximum degradation rate of 0.25 percent each year thereafter for 24 years. This results in an unprecedented 92 percent power level at the end of 25 years compared to conventional solar panels which guarantee only 80 percent after 25 years.

   "We believe the best warranty starts with having the best product," said Tom Werner, SunPower President and CEO. "Our proven performance is validated by our customers' results, as well as extensive field testing under a wide range of real-world conditions, well beyond traditional industry specifications. SunPower stands behind its products so that customers have confidence and peace of mind when they choose SunPower to go solar."

   So We produce flexible solar panels and portable solar charger and even glass solar panel are useful sunpower cells pack to ensure customer demand,SunPower has developed a robust method to calculate solar panel degradation. Degradation is something all solar panels experience, but at varying rates. When this method was applied to eight years of energy performance data from 264 SunPower solar systems operating at various locations worldwide, it shows that SunPower panels degrade less than 0.25 percent per year – 50 percent less than the annual degradation rate for conventional panels.

   Sept. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SunPower today announced the launch of the solar industry's best warranty, guaranteeing power performance and product quality for 25 years, through extreme weather, wide-ranging temperatures, panel aging and more. The new warranty makes SunPower® E- and X-Series solar panels among the safest long-term energy investments for businesses, homeowners and utilities thanks to the industry's lowest power degradation rate, meaning that SunPower panels deliver more electricity – and consequently more savings – over time. 

Sungold Strengthens Its Industry-Leading Power and Warranty
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