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Sungold new product release: TF glass-free solar module

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TF photovoltaic module is an innovative glass-free solar module. It adopts proven crystalline silicon solar cell technology and polymer composite material to achieve a new type of pv module that is glass-free, lightweight and thin sheet. TF is as light as 3.5 kg/m2, which is only 30% of glass module and 55% of P028 lightweight module. The thickness can be reduced to 2mm. We customize the shape and size and achieve custom design and production. 


Compared with PET panel, the transmittance of TF is 92%. “A” grade solar cells are adopted which makes conversion efficiency up to 22.42%-22.60%. TF is sensitive to low light. Blocking diodes eliminate discharge of electricity at night. Harnessing the sun's rays to generate electricity. IEC61215 confirms TF series pass 1000 hours of damp heat(85℃, 85% humidity) test, and withstand prolonged exposure to open air climates.


TF module has same durability as rigid solar panel. TF expands the imagination of PV technology application, can be easily combined with a variety of innovative solutions, making them suitable for light roof, BIPV, RV, yacht, mobile device and outdoor activities.


The video about TF solar module has been uploaded to YouTube, and a comparison video showing the advantages of TF will be upgraded to YouTube too soon. Keep following Sungold to get the latest information. Twitter, Facebook, to view the page.