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Sungold will attend Solar Power International 2017

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Sungold will attend Solar Power International 2017

Shenzhen sungold solar co.,ltd Optoelectronics will participate in Solar Power International (SPI) 2017 in Las Vegas

Exhibitors: 11st - 13rd September 2017

Sungold Booth No:2743

Address: Mandalay Bay Convention CenterLas Vegas, NV

As a leading manufacturer of solar panels in China, the Sungold will fully demonstrate its associated solar products, such as semi-flexible solar modules (using unused materials), more convenient lightweight solar panels, high-performance solar modules (single polycrystalline components, folding components ), The use of SunPower cells packs (using different materials reflect more humane, both in terms of texture or portability), single polycrystalline charging package, folding energy storage power, and of course there are more desirable New solar products are freshly baked. Looking forward to your advice, give us more valuable advice.



The flexible solar panels will also show no style

Flexible solar panels

  1. High quality and very convenient:

This Sungold solar panel packs 120W of power, but it only weighs a mere 5.4lbs, making it easier to transport, hang and install. Also, import SunPower cells Film raw materials, the efficiency of the cells as high as 22.6% or more


2.Safety Protection:

The solar panel is RoHS, CE certified. Short circuit and surge protection technology keep you and your devices safe.


3.Bendable Panel:

The plastic back sheet can be curved to a maximum 30 degree arc and mounted on an RV, boat, cabin, tent, car, trucks, trailers or any other irregular surface

Sungold will attend Solar Power International 2017
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