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The application of glass-free ultralight solar panel

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product01 image: planetarkpower

Last month, Sungold Solar have released new arrival via Canton Fair, TF series. This is a flexible glass-free ultralight solar panel. The innovative photovoltaic module adopts proven crystalline silicon solar cell technology and polymer composite material to achieve a new type of PV module that is glass-free, lightweight and thin sheet. TF is as light as 3.5 kg/m2, which is only 30% of glass module. The thickness can be reduced to 2mm. We customize the shape and size and achieve custom design and production.

TF series expands the imagination of PV technology application, can be easily combined with a variety of innovative solutions, making them suitable for C&I roof, BIPV, RV, yacht, mobile power and outdoor activities.


A case from Gold Coast

Gold-Coast-Aquatic-Centre2 image: planetarkpower

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre has been fitted out with 1131 glass-free ultralight solar panels. Part of this action was to fit out the Aquatic Centre with a 312 kW solar power, 324 kWh smart battery hybrid system on their roof to reduce not only their power bills but their emissions intensity at the same time. As part of the program the Aquatic centre was identified as a well suited site to install a rooftop solar power system and reduce operating costs. The system installed will save the rate payers of the local council area over $100,000 per annum.



With over 3 years of market validation, the glass-free ultralight solar panel can be applied to various C&I Roofs, such as Lightweight Metal Roofs, Waterproof Membrane Roofs, Curved Roofs, and Transportation, like trains, yachts, RVs and trucks. In recent years, the decrease in the cost of solar power promotes building integrated photovoltaics. The innovative panel is a product that can be used in BIPV.