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Types of 12V Solar Panels and aplication

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Focus on renewable sources of energy have been increased tremendously and most common such source is sun. Energy from the sun can be harvested with the help of solar panels. In the past solar panels were hard and rigid and not that efficient. Today, in an effort to increase their usage various latest advancement have been made and more feasible solar panels are developed according to the various needs.

Flexible Solar Panels

One such example is flexible solar panels. Such kind of solar panels can be found in various sizes and they are manufactured using the best available raw materials which increases their reliability and efficiency while working as a source of energy. Such kind of solar panels are used for the products which are usually related to travelling like autos, boats etc. They are also commonly used for charging solar batteries. Their flexibility allows them to be ideally used in homes and various other mass consumption products. 

Foldable Solar Panels

There is a variety of solar panels which is easily foldable in nature. This kind of solar panels are manufactured by attaching flexible solar panels to fabric which has the weather resistant properties. This gives them the property of being fold and unfold as per the need. These solar panels are known for their durability which makes them ideal for using in extreme climates. Due to their foldable quality they can easily be fit in to a regular bag and will fulfil the purpose of charging various electronic devices.

Lightweight Solar Panels

Latest technological advancement in the development of next generation solar panels does not stop at making solar panels flexible and foldable but it also made them lightweight in nature. This not only increases their efficiency but also increase their usage. Today such kind of solar panels are used in places where it is not even imaginable. Most common use of such solar panels is in the transportation sector and mass consumption electronics which accounts for large amount of energy consumption. Moreover, today more consumers are using solar energy for lighting the homes and for the heating purposes in the form of solar water heaters. 

Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels can be classified into following categories:

Monocrystalline solar panels are in the form of single crystalline made of pure silicon. These solar panels efficiently convert energy from sun. 

Polycrystalline solar panels are manufactured by melting silicon and putting it into molds. This explains their less efficiency in energy conversion. 

Amorphous Solar panels are shapeless in nature because silicon is not crystallized at molecular level when they are manufactured. They are also cheaper to produce because it requires only 1% of silicon.

Portable solar panels are high in demand by the customers who like to camp. These solar panels sufficiently fulfil all of their energy requirements because they come in very handy when one has to charge their mobile phone or power and an LED light etc. These panels are also used in caravans and boats.  

Types of 12V Solar Panels and aplication
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