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Shenzhen Sungold Solar Co.,Ltd that solar panels manufacturers since 2008,We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Mono/Poly crystalline solar panels in all the ratings starting 2WP- 320WP, Lightweight semi flexible solar panels, Folding Solar modules, Portable solar chargers.Our panels are designed to meet CE/RoHS standards and are made of high efficicency crystalline solar cells. 
As the most qualified Chinese partner in 12V 24V RV&Marine Solar Panels, Sungold Solar continues to serve customized services for many international Brands in Europe,Ocean, North America. Assisting by averting potential troubles through our production experience and quality control system we can help in many facets.



Specialize in designing and developing innovative PV Solar Panels products, extend products to Portable Solar Chargers, Small Solar Power Kits,New Solar Application Products.

Products include:

Portable Solar Panels
Aluminum Plate Panels
Double Glass Solar Panels
Portable Solar chargers
Solar Charger Controllers
Solar Portable Power Supply


1. Europe and the United States tax rate advantage
You can save 47.6% tax, as we are 0% Anti-dumping Duty to EU,our taric additional code is B879 
And Sungold Solar USA Separate Rate is only 7.82%. ,countervailing duty is 15.24% with chinese cells
23.58% separate rate if you import our solar panels with third party cells to USA

2. Battery chip advantage
Our conventional single polycrystalline solar panels use high-efficiency cells, the conversion efficiency of up to 18% -21%; our semi-flexible solar panels using SunPower solar cells, conversion efficiency of 22.6%。

Our service:
OEM & ODM Accepted & Package Design
OEM or put your logo in the panels accepted. Customizable solar panel size and power are available. We are experienced in helping various wholesalers retailers and brands owners with design and packing advice

1. Orders tracking

You can check all about your orders production progress. From design to shipping,contact our sales (, stay tuned about your order notifications.

2. Pre-order volume calculation

You can check all about your orders production progress. From design to shipping,contact via

3. Integrated ASS(After Sales Service)

We offer a complete design produce ASS service, from start to finish. We take care about your orders, to ensure the success of our Clients since it's ours as well.
Not only supplying the product you need but also, giving you an added service in marketing, technical and commercial.
Although we are based in China we attend exhibitions worldwide such as USA, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Japan, Korea, Egypt, South Africa and more.
Shenzhen Sungold solar Co., Ltd is located in Bao’an District, Shenzhen City close to Hong Kong, providing a well-developed and convenient transportation.We offer high quality products and sustainable service to our customers, establishing long-term cooperative relationship with them.

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