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Best Flexible Solar Panels for RV Buyer’s Guide

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Best Flexible Solar Panels for RVs

Flexible solar panels are an ideal energy source for an RV. these solar panels are flexible so they can fit on any curved surface, allowing them to convert sunlight into electricity. These can charge an RV battery, and can also provide energy for technology and light systems within the vehicle.Solar panels are a popular energy source that benefits the environment,For an RV, flexible solar panels are an ideal way of reducing your vehicle’s carbon footprint.

Flexible vs traditional solar panels

Flexible solar panels work  .These solar panels are bendable and can sit on curved or uneven surfaces without breaking. They are thin, lightweight, and awesome for portability and transportation. They are incredibly versatile and ideal for RVs and cars, but also water-based vehicles such as boats or yachts.

The power outage, measured in Watts, is the same as the power outage on a rigid panel. For avid campers or hikers, flexible solar panels are easy to carry. Where rigid panels are often heavier and less simple to install,  Traditional solar panels also have a larger power output than flexible panels, which is why they are better suited for powering an entire home.For an RV, however, flexible panels are more suitable due to their lighter weight, bendable design, and easy installation.

Flexible panels for RV

Output and charging compatibility

When looking to buy flexible solar panels for an RV, the output is an incredibly important factor. You will need to know the size of the battery in relation to how much the solar panel can charge. The general rule is to look for panels with 100 or 150 Watts outage, as they can charge 12 Volt batteries as well as supply the rest of the vehicle with a suitable amount of power.

It is, however, recommended to opt for solar panels with a larger maximum output voltage. For example, a 12V battery could benefit more from a solar panel that can produce an output of 18V.


The key feature to flexible solar panels is the amount of flexibility they can offer. Most flexible solar panels can curve up to 30 degrees, which is ideal for an RV that does not have a flat roof.


Whilst flexible solar panels do have their versatile and practical advantages, it is worth looking at the limitations and disadvantages. These forms of solar panels often aren’t as durable as rigid panels, which can last up to 10 or 20 years longer than a flexible panel.

Flexible solar panels are ideal for an RV, because their energy efficiency makes them beneficial both financially and for the environment. They do not require screws for installation, which cancels out the possibility of leakages in the roof, and are incredibly lightweight to prevent damage to the roof also.


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