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BXF Series
  • Unique-handle-design
    Unique handle design
    Single handle, more portable, and it is embedded and integrated with the PCBA regulator.
  • Integrated-lamination-process
    Integrated lamination process
    The use of polymer materials has stronger impact resistance and crack resistance, and effectively extends the service life; IP67 waterproof rating, fearless rain and dust, DC18v voltage output, built-in waterproof interface, voltage-stabilized output system.
Frequently Asked Questions
Quick Charger

Invovation patent quick charger USB to make it charge faster.

Japan ETFE Surface

The surface material is imported from Japan.

Foldable and Waterproof

Fold to make it smaller and all intergrated to resist water.

CUSTOMIZABLE 14W-60W (14W&21W&60W)
Portable/Foldable USB Solar Panel Charger

- Easy to unfold and portable

- Polygonal hanging hole; humanized design, you can easily hang tents or backpacks on the surface

- Waterproof grade IP67, easy to clean, deep embossed surface, durable, efficient and long service life

- Sufficient battery, longer power supply; there is electricity when there is light, solar portable direct charging, continuous charging

- regulated output; dual USB-5V regulated output, charging safety is guaranteed

- Fast charging efficiency; in the case of sufficient sunlight, the charging current can reach 3A, and the charging efficiency is efficient

- Use scenarios: mountaineering, hiking, camping, cycling, traveling, fishing, etc


BXF-Foldable, Waterproof, Attach to Bag Easily

To quick charge


BXF series uses advanced technology that laminated the ETFE, solar cells,backsheet together, using laser cutting to make the holes, it looks much more aesthetic, most importantly waterproof and with a longer lifespan..
There is patent quick charge USB for panels over 28W.



USB Portable Solar Charger(BXF series)

more duable waterproof integraged laminated; Japan ETFE rawmaterial as surface



 Power/Voltage Unfold Dimension(mm)

Fold Dimension(mm)

Cells Cells Efficiency Surface material Weight(kg) USB
SGM-BXF2-2*7W 392*292*3


Mono 156 20.03% Matte ETFE 0.47 Single USB, 5V regulated output
SGM-BXF3-3*7W 596*292*3


Mono 156 20.03% Matte ETFE 0.72 Dual USB, 5V regulated output
SGM-BXF4-4*15W 1281*367*4


Mono 158 21.44% Matte ETFE 2.3 USB QC3.0,Type-C,DC5521


                              There is 12V output leading acid battery or lithium battery. With regular connections,it's suitable for battery.

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