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Colored Glass PV Modules: What You Need To Know

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As solar panel technology continues to evolve, so does its aesthetic design. Have you considered installing colored solar panels instead of monotone black or blue solar panels? 

Colored glass panels allow you to save money on your energy bills as well as make your home look more aesthetically pleasing.

Does colored glass affect performance?

Clear glass modules have a higher light transmission rate compared to colored glass solar panels. 

But with the right choice of your color scheme, the attenuation power of solar panels can be controlled at 10-25%.

The main cause of performance degradation due to color changes is the reduction of photons transmitted to the PV cell, which reduces current and total power generation. 

The amount of loss depends on the color selected, with darker colors having a less negative impact on performance and lighter colors having a greater impact on performance.


Sungold offers you colored glass panels

Sungold is now offering a 335W solar panel. We offer gray tile patterns, blue, star blue, and green. Overall, these colors are darker colors.

If you want to install on a roof, the roof material can determine what color glass module you choose.

If your roofing material is asphalt shingles, you can choose stained glass panels with gray shingles. This will definitely make your roof more aesthetically pleasing.

colored glass panels

There is another option. You can install colored glass panels on your balcony. Let the stained glass panels decorate your balcony.

We will also equip you with a micro-inverter to make it easier for you to use.

This colored glass panel has a light transmission rate between 75% and 93%. Light transmission can usually reach 80% or more, minimizing the impact on the conversion efficiency of the PV module.

The colored glass modules use 210 monocrystalline shingled-cells with a conversion efficiency of up to 22%. They are more efficient than modules welded with conventional cells. Solar panels using shingled-cell technology are more resistant to hot spots.

In addition, shingled-cells modules can effectively limit the effect of hidden cracks to a smaller area. Even in the event of a hidden crack, the module will lose less power.



A colored glass PV module can harness solar power and reduce carbon emissions. It can also provide a visual aesthetic design for buildings.

Roofs, balconies can be fitted with stained glass modules. They can also be used in tall buildings and public spaces, i.e. BIPV.

If you want to know more about colored glass modules, you can contact us.

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