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Features of RV Flexible Solar Panels

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The best thing about solar energy is that it is a renewable energy source. You will never run out of power and harm our planet in any way. If you want more power, all you have to do is add more panels.

These are just some of the benefits of having flexible solar panels.

  • Thin and semi-flexible boards

  • Aerodynamic design

  • Salt water resistant (don't worry about going to the beach)

  • Highly durable

  • Maintenance free

  • Light, thin, semi-flexible

  • Reliable sources of renewable energy

  • Energy conversion efficiency 19-25%

  • Strong adhesion

  • Installation angle is less than 30 degrees

3 Advantages of RV Flexible Solar Panels

Extend the life of expensive RV batteries

RV batteries are expensive and can fail if the charge drops too low or is cycled too many times. Solar panels keep the battery charged when the sun is shining and prevent the charge from dropping too low.

turn off your generator

Solar panels can completely replace your generator. Enjoy the views and camping spots without the rumble of generators in the background. Keep the area fresh without any gas emissions.

sleep better

Solar panels charge your batteries so you can turn off the generator even at night! Sleep better without the noisy generators keeping you up all night.

Ever wanted to take your RV off the grid? With solar power, you can! Escape the crowded RV park and enjoy a stress-free adventure!

How does RV solar work?

RV solar is easy! Solar panels mounted on the RV roof generate electricity and charge the battery. A charge controller is installed between your solar panel and the battery to maximize power from the panel to the battery. Your battery converts the electrical energy through an inverter into usable AC power for use by your appliances.


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