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How much power do solar panels need for your RV?

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More and more people are turning to RV flexible solar panels, and for good reason. These panels offer so much flexibility that no other solar panel has.

You can easily mount them at any angle, and they don't take up much space. The perfect solution for those who want solar power but don't have enough space to install it.


The power supply in the RV basically comes from four aspects, namely the battery, the driving generator, the external 220V power supply and the solar charging system, so the solar battery charging system plays an important role in the RV. Group solar panels, although installing a solar battery charging system does not seem difficult, but many riders do not know how much power they need to install solar panels for RVs? Is the installed power better?

From a practical point of view, it is a good choice to install a set of solar panels on the RV, and use the clean solar energy to generate electricity to replenish the RV. If you use your RV for a long time and travel outside a lot, solar energy is even more important

The use of solar energy in RVs mainly absorbs solar energy through solar panels laid on the roof, and then converts it into AC power for daily use through inverters. The direct output voltage of solar energy is generally 12V, 24V, 48V. In order to provide electrical energy for 220V electrical appliances, it is necessary to convert the DC power generated by the solar power generation system into AC power through an inverter. In some occasions, when multiple voltage loads are required, DC-DC inverters are also used, such as converting 24V electrical energy into 5V electrical energy. The converted electric energy can be used directly or stored in the battery for emergencies


How much can a solar panel charge in a day

"If a solar panel with a rated power of 400W, in the case of standard light intensity and battery power shortage, the theoretical storage capacity for 1 hour is 400W÷18V×12V×1h=0.267kW·h, which is what we often say 0.267 kWh, if calculated according to an average of 6 hours per day. Then 0.267kW·h×6=1.602kW·h, which is about 1.6 kWh.”

After calculation, we can see that in theory, a set of 400W solar panels can generate 1.6 kWh of electricity a day. If the light intensity and the power lost in the middle are included, the charging efficiency is calculated at 70%, and the actual charging amount in one day It is 1.6×0.7=1.12 kWh, so what kind of electrical appliances can this 1.12 kWh bear for the normal operation? For a self-propelled C-type RV within 6 meters, the total RV lighting equipment is temporarily calculated as 100W, 80W refrigerator, 80W The combined power of the LCD TV, 30W notebook computer and mobile phone is about 300W, which means that these electrical devices can work together for 1.6÷0.3=5.3 hours. Now everyone should understand, so many professional players will recommend that you choose solar energy between 300-400W is more suitable

It is recommended to install 400W solar panels on the RV and match the 200AH battery. Under the premise of sufficient light, the best state can charge the battery 60%-65%. The discharge of lead-acid batteries can generally be discharged to 25%-30%. What you may be more concerned about is whether the solar panel will be effective when the device consumes electricity while charging? Theoretically, there is no problem, but it should be noted that the power of the load and the power of the loss should be matched. For example, if the load power is 100W and the solar power is 200W, there will normally be 40%-50% loss (mismatch). loss), which can basically guarantee normal operation. If the load power is 100W, and the power of the solar panel is also 100W, then adding the normal loss, this cannot be guaranteed, and it needs to be balanced by the battery

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