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How much sunlight can you expect to reach a boat’s flexible solar panels?

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How can I extract the maximum value from the flexible solar panels on the ship? Most people want to know this and either check their installation or plan the size and number of solar panels to be installed.

marine flexible solar panel

Marine flexible solar panels

Marine flexible solar panels: Do you need to know how to add solar panels to your boat at the beginning, or do you want to know how to make the most of your existing flexible solar panels?

It is quite simple to use. First use the map and zoom controls to navigate to the location you are interested in, then click "off-grid" and enter the data in the box.

The first obvious difference between horizontal installation and tracking installation is whether to tilt the panel, the peak power output will be reduced. Second, the shape of the curve is different, and the tracking device is much fatter.

The two-axis tracking bracket allows the solar panels to take full advantage of the available sunlight. For example,The Sungold  flexible solar panels is 200W. The peak value of the tracking curve is 1,010 W/m2, so the peak output is: 200W x 1,010W/m2 ÷ 1,000W/m2 = 202W. The result of the horizontal panel returns 181W.

The current depends more on the load than the power source, so when the battery is low, the maximum current may appear, which means in the morning-but then the sun has not yet reached its peak.

So far, the best is the overall system performance of 13.1A and 13.4V, 170W and 170 ÷ 200 x 100% = 85%, which means that the system loss is 15%. In other words, 85% of the theoretical power output of the panel reaches my battery, which is very good.

calculated the power demand of 800Wh/day in summer and drew a chart on how to meet this demand. The blue bar shows the energy produced, which reached the target value of 800Wh/day throughout the summer cruise month.

solar panels for boats


If you want to choose flexible solar panels, first determine what space you have available and your energy needs. Then try to find a shadow-free location where the rigid crystal panel can be installed, preferably at an angle.

Many ship owners want to install them on the deck. In this case, semi-flexible solar panels seem to be a wise choice, but the price may be 10 times that of rigid panels. For tracking brackets or gantry frames, rigid panels will be necessary, so the Mono crystalline Solar Panel kit again be the best choice.

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