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Intersolar Europe 2022 | Sungold to debut

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From May 11th to 13th, Intersolar Europe 2022--Solar Energy Exhibition, as the vane of the global solar photovoltaic industry, was held at the Munich International Expo Center in Germany.


The IntersSolar Europe exhibition attracted about 1,500 photovoltaic companies and brands to participate in the exhibition, and each company exhibited advanced technology products and solutions. As one of the representatives of more than 200 exhibitors in China's photovoltaic industry, Shenzhen Shanggu Optoelectronics brought a variety of solar cells to the exhibition.

At the exhibition, Sungold displayed a variety of solar energy series products such as Best Flexible Solar Panels, Best Portable Solar Panel and HI-power4*110W folding Solar Kit, which became the focus of the scene. The booth was full of people and the atmosphere was very warm.


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