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  • Bangladesh aims to be world’s 'first solar nation'

    Each solar home system uses a solar panel installed on the roof of an individual home.

  • There are about as many solar jobs as coal jobs in the US

    As the solar market expands, word of mouth will spread, and it will become easier to find new customers without the need to hire as many people in sales. Solar power, in essence, is contagious.

  • solar power is an important part of Long Island's energy future

    Producing a significant amount of electricity from the sun means building large-scale solar arrays, and that leads to the question: Where to put them?

  • New Tariffs on Chinese Solar-Panel Makers Split the US Solar Industry

    With Commerce's decision to further tax solar panels from China, “the U.S. government is actually creating a module shortage that will make it hard for the U.S. solar industry to reach it's 2015 and 2016 goals.”

  • Solar is here to stay

    Driving the competition are solar power and other new technologies, which reduce the demand to generate more electricity.

  • Solar Panel Maintenance Poses Unforeseen Challenge in Developing World Electrification

    One major hurdle for installing solar panels is the lack of skilled workers to do the job. Some training is necessary to understand the complexities of these systems.

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