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Sungold Solar Panels Design

The solar solution designed by Sungold is perfect for RVs. The flexible solar panels for RVs are more flexible, they fit the shape of your car roof and can be glued to the roof without worrying about breaking.

Rigid solar panel is more mature and stable, which can make you use more assured. Solar panel can not only bring power to your RV life, but also make your RV life more environmentally friendly. Solar modules are an essential product for RV enthusiasts.

How RV Solar Works
Sunlight hits the solar panel, and the cells absorb energy from the sun. In the cells of a solar panel, a circuit converts the energy absorbed by the solar cells into an electric current. The current is then sent to the controller. This energy is turned into direct current, which is then stored in the battery. It is also possible to convert direct current into alternating current through an inverter to power more electrical equipment.
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RV Solar Panels Solution Scheme
In order to choose RV solar panel, you need to know how much energy your appliances are using on a daily basis. When deciding on the size of solar panels you need, consider your average daily electricity consumption.You can refer to the table below to calculate. If you choose a 100W solar panel with 4h of sunlight a day, and it can produce 400Wh a day.Then you divide the power consumption by 400Wh to get the number of panels needed. In fact, the power generation will be lower due to factors such as weather, angle, etc. So you have to buy more solar panels.
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What will warm you on your travels, besides the sun, is your solar panels
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