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Solar power charger: 

This solar powered charger series included solar panel, charge controller and battery, have 50W and 100W two items, provide free power for charging, can charging for vehicles and boats, motorhome , caravan, camping, narrow boat, yacht etc.
This solar power charger kits is stable and reliable, High efficiency of solar energy conversion; the price is also pleasing. welcome to inquiry.

Solar power charger
  Solar power charger series:

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For charging 12V batteries, for example in vehicles and boats, motorhome , caravan, camping, narrow boat, yacht etc, or any other systems with a 18V battery or battery bank.
50W/100W solar power charger

50W/100W   solar power charger included USB 10A charge controller for 12V battery devices.
  • Have 4&8 folding layers;
  • carrying charge controller and battery.
  • Weight: 2.57KG/4.48KG;
  • Cell efficiency: 22.6%
  • Folding size: 360*195*40 mm
  • Operating system: -40°C to +85°C
  • Very easy portable solar charger, surported 12V rechargeable batteries.
WARRANTY:  solar power charger  with 1 years warranty.

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Standard kit: They are all designed as kit with a 10A charge controller (USB(3) Output included: Alligator Clamps, and Removable MC4 Connectors.The suitcase is a must for camping. The folding solar panel kit can work to charge your vehicle's 12v battery (such for a car or boat) and power generator.
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Highly Portable: ultra lightweight of 2.57KG/4.48KG, ultra compact of folding size 360*295*40mm inch Outdoor Durability: weather-resistant, water-resistant, industrial-strength PET polymer laminated; 12 month worry-free warranty.
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