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Sungold style is still-ALL ENERGY 2019 in (Melbourne)

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The photovoltaic industry is changing globally, and photovoltaic technology and the global market are shaping the future of photovoltaic products and services. ALL ENERGY 2019 in (Melbourne), Sungold demonstrated a comprehensive range of PV applications and attracted many customers.


Since its inception, Sungold has focused on innovation and customer needs. Our R&D engineers have been working with our sales teams and customers to improve product reliability and innovate photovoltaic solutions.

 lvp series

The LVPseries of folding panels from sturdy to lightweight is Sungold's latest innovation and a response to future RV&offgrid solutions. Samples of these folding panels are expected to meet the needs of RV outdoor applications and energy storage. They are elegant, lightweight, smart!

Since then, we have also given a very cool design of traditional glass folding panels. It delivers top performance and offers customers a number of rugged and powerful look features. It uses H bracket corners, intelligent light controllers, connection energy storage adapters and a variety of plugs combined with the RV. This will greatly enhance the output of the DC. Greater to provide user portability


Sungold has always stood out among Chinese solar module manufacturers in terms of innovative technology, reliable products, professional service and high market share.

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