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The Best Ways for Mounting Solar Panels on RV Roof

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What Kinds of Solar Panels Can You Mount on an RV Roof?

Mounting solar panels on an RV roof is a relatively straightforward process. You can do it with just about any panel, whether large or small, rigid or flexible. Dont think that you need a special mobile solar panel, residential panels are cheap and work well too, they are just much larger and may not fit. Of course, you must appropriately secure any type you choose, and the methods for doing this will vary depending on your particular panels.

Choosing the Solar Panel Mounting Method That’s Best for Your RV

When designing your solar power system and figuring out the right strategy for mounting solar panels on your RV roof, there are a few key factors you’ll need to consider. Here’s a rundown of the most important and how they should shape your decision-making.


The two primary types of solar panel construction are traditional rigid panels and flexible. Your choice between these two construction methods will determine how to mount your panels. Also, consider how many panels you need for your purposes. Are you satisfied with a few hundred extra watts for your batteries from a single panel? Or do you want a more extensive array for a fully off-grid rig? This will also play a major role in your mounting strategy.

Weight of Mounting Hardware

Certain solar panels can weigh quite a bit, and securing them isn’t as simple as other, lighter panels. You’ll need more substantial mounting hardware to make sure they don’t go anywhere, and this hardware itself can be quite heavy!

Between the weight of this hardware and your panels themselves, be mindful of your overall RV weight. You never want to overload your rig!


There’s also various lightweight, flexible panels that you can mount with various glues or tapes. The proper adhesive will depend on the particular panel you’re installing, so only go this route if your panel specifically notes this securing method. The good news is that this is one of the simplest mounting methods and one of the least damaging to your rig long-term.


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