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The pros and cons of flexible vs rigid solar panels you need to know

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The biggest advantage of flexible panels is their ability to fit many types of solar projects. For example, if your roof can’t bear the heavy load of traditional solar panels due to structural concerns, lightweight flexible panels like thin-film may be a great solution that won’t compromise your home’s structural integrity. Because flexible panels can be shaped to fit the surface they are installed on, they can be easily installed on less conventional structures like carports.

Financially, flexible panels will likely reduce the installation cost of your solar array. Flexible/thin film panels require less labor to install, and they are much more portable and easy to handle than typical panels, which can be bulky and heavy and require heavy-duty roof mounting systems

Flexible PV module

Pros and cons of flexible solar panels


•Flexibility. Due to their size and ability to be shaped, they work for many different projects.

•Lightweight. Flexible panels are lightweight enough to use on roofs not structurally ideal for a regular system

•Less expensive. Typically, flexible and thin panels take less time or labor to install and are portable.


•Lower efficiency. They aren’t as efficient as other panels, meaning that more will be needed.

•More space. With more panels needed, typical roof installs simply don’t have enough roof space.

•Damage prone. Because of the organic solar cells used, flexible panels are more prone to damage.

Flexible versus rigid solar panels pros and cons

rigid solar panels pros and cons


•Longer lifespan

•Typically higher efficiency rating

•More durable than flexible panels

•Pay for themselves over time


•Have to be professionally installed

•Rigid construction

•Cannot be easily removed

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