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What are the benefits of flexible solar panels for an RV?

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What are the benefits of flexible solar panels for an RV? Many customers want to know, briefly explain and talk about our point of view:

1. How to use solar energy in RV?

Solar energy is very useful in RVs. First of all, the storage of electricity in the RV is very limited;Secondly, charging the RV is also a big problem;Finally, the RV will not run out of batteries for a long time. These problems can basically be solved by solar energy.


2. How useful is solar energy?

Many people think that solar energy is just a decoration on an RV and doesn't play a big role. Through testing, it is found that solar energy can't generate much electricity every day,the conversion rate is not high. If 400-600W solar energy is installed on the RV, it can basically guarantee a series of low-power electricity consumption such as the RV lighting, water pump, refrigerator electricity, etc., so the use of solar energy in the RV is still very large.

3. What kind of solar panel is good?

Solar panels are generally divided into flexible panels and glass panels. What kind of solar panels should an RV choose?

It is generally better to use flexible solar panels on RVs, which are light in weight, foldable, shockproof, good in fit and beautiful. There are two kinds of glass plates, single crystal and polycrystalline, aluminum alloy frame, tempered glass, and cannot be folded. Flexible solar panels have high conversion efficiency, generally reaching 24%. The conversion efficiency of monocrystalline solar panels is generally 18%, while the conversion efficiency of polycrystalline solar panels is about 16%.

In terms of cost, the price of flexible solar panels launched by SUNGOLD in the US market is not much different from that of single crystals. Generally, it will control $0.8/W. If you choose flexible solar panels, it is recommended to use MPPT solar RV controller, which has high conversion efficiency. Also suitable for high voltage charging of low voltage batteries.

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