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SP Series



Frequently Asked Questions

Adopts Back Contact SunPower Solar Cells

 22.4%-23.6% conversion, higher than average 

Lightweight and Flexible

Easy to carry; Available to bend 30°; great for RVs, cars, etc

Durable & High Temperature Resistance

imported ETFE material on surface; High-temperature resistance


Black/White Flexible Solar Panel

- Better heat resistance to keep efficiency
- Weak light tolerance to work well under the weak light

Resistance to the lightly cracked cells
Ultra-light, ETFE surface, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and water resistance
- Available to be bent 30 degrees, great for RVs, cars, boats and some irregular surfaces



Ultra-thin, Lightweight, Aesthetic and Flexible Solar Panel

SP flexible solar panel uses back contact SunPower solar cell, with efficiency from 22.4% to 23.6%. Japan-imported ETFE materials allow the solar panels to resist high temperatures at 242℃, and their transmittance is over 95%. Moreover, it features excellent waterproof performance.


SP series is more flexible than conventional flexible solar panels like FP series, since it can bend 30° at maximum. It’s an aerodynamic design that can reduce wind resistance when installing on the rooftop of RV or yacht.


  SunPower solar panel(SP series)

The semi-flexible solar panels adopt SunPower solar cells and Japan-imported ETFE, with 22.4%-23.6% conversion. Frameless design and metal reinforced mounting holes for easy installation.


 Power/Voltage Dimension(mm) Cells Cells Efficiency Surface material Weight No.of cells
18W 18V 410*285*3 Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 0.51 kg 2*16
20W 20V 455*285*3 Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 0.54 kg 2*18
40W 20V 560*425*3 Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 0.83 kg 4*9
55W 18V 580*540*3 Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 1.23 kg 4*8
60W 20V 625*540*3 Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 1.31 kg 4*9
80W 20V 840*540*3 Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 1.70 kg 4*18
110W 18V 1070*540*3 Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 2.18 kg 4*8
120W 20V 1200*540*3 Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 2.34 kg 4*9
135W 22V 1330*540*3 Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 2.63 kg 4*10
150W 24V 1460*540*3 Sunpower 22.60% ETFE 2.86 kg 4*11


The solar panel is designed for 12V batteries, ideal for boats, motorhomes, caravans, narrowboats, yachts and vehicles with 12V battery or battery pack.

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