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RV solar kits & Mobile Power & Power station

Unplug from the power source, break free from the grid. Charge your batteries in sunny locations! RV solar panel kit.
solar panels for camping

The Ideal Power Range for Portable Solar Panels: 100W to 300W

When you go camping or take RV trips, having access to power is really important. It allows you to charge your essential devices like phones, laptops, car fridges, instruments, cameras, GPS devices, camping lights, and other equipment. Our range of products is specially designed for outdoor activities. We have portable solar panels and power station solutions that provide reliable and steady power for your outdoor lifestyle or off-grid living.

Hiking or climbing

Attach the solar charging pack to your backpack to charge your phone and GPS devices.


You can keep all your devices powered up with enough battery life.

Outdoor gatherings

Portable Solar panels can power your phone, fridge, and barbecue, making your gathering more fun.

RV camping

Make your camping experience like a cozy cabin by keeping the lights on, running the car fridge, and staying comfortable.

Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting a RV Solar Kits

To start with, it’s important to know what camping equipment you have that needs to be charged. Then, figure out how much energy they use. Multiply the rated power by the amount of time they are used to find out the power consumption. To calculate the power consumption of the appliances you need, you can use the table below. From there, you can choose a portable solar panel that matches the power consumption.
power comsunption sheet
HP 400W portable solar panel

High Power Portable solar panel Recommendation:300-480w

The portable solar panel is made for portable power stations, which is great for long camping trips. This kind of solar panel works with power stations that have a capacity of 1 to 1.25 kWh. If you want to power more things, then this high-power solar panel is better for you, like ones that have 400W or more.
You can also choose a solution that matches the devices you want to charge. Don’t forget to think about how long you’ll be traveling, how much time you’ll be camping, and how many people will be with you.
Installation and Connection
Installing the RV solar kit is a breeze. Just unfold the solar panel and adjust the stand. The cable is designed with a Y-shape and has an MC4 connector on one end and an Anderson connector on the other. These cables and connectors are super easy to use.
Simply match the shape of the plug with the shape of the connector and connect the solar panel to the portable power station. This powerful solar panel can charge various devices like respirators, phones, laptops, projectors, and more. It’s perfect for keeping you entertained and can also be used as a backup power source in case of emergencies.
solar panel connection

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If you have any questions about our high-quality rv solar kits, our expert team is always ready to provide you with extensive experience and professional knowledge.