14AWG wiring
Product Overview:
1.The 14AWG Solar to Solar Adapter supports a maximum current of 9.3A and is excellent for charging high capacity portable solar generator power sources
2.Wide Application -The robust solar extension cable is suitable for different solar panels and can be connected to devices compatible with Anderson adapter or dc 8mm/5.5mm port. Suitable for Goal zero Yeti, Jackery, Suaoki, Renogy, EnerPlex and other solar generator portable power plants, solar battery sets, battery sets, as well as electric vehicles, UPS batteries, accumulators, etc.
3. Free assembly – DC 8 mm power cord compatible with Anderson power plug connectors.
4. Durable and easy to use – Sungold solar panel cable improves its flexibility and abrasion resistance and matches the requirements of solar panel wiring. Plug and play, no additional installation tools required. Quickly and easily connect or disconnect with your fingers. 4000 times plugging and unplugging test, more security and safety. The optimal choice for charging your portable solar generator power station and home RV.
5. High quality solar panel cables and connectors – an important supplement to the versatility of solar energy with multiple panel types.
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Configuration A 14AWG black parallel cable 3m line length + controller (LS1012EU) + alligator clips + 10A fuse (with Velcro)
Configuration B 14AWG black double-core cable 3m length + small Anderson to DC7909 male (with Velcro)
Configuration C 14AWG black dual-core cable 3m wire length small Anderson to small Anderson (with Velcro)