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Product Testing

Find top-rated products with Sungold's rigorous testing. Get expert analysis and reviews to make informed decisions.

Warranty & Specification

If you would like information about the warranty period for Sungold's solar panels, you can read our document.

Certificates Downlods

SUNGOLD has earned various certificates and accolades, which are a testament to our dedication to quality and excellence.

Custom Photovoltaic Panel

Sungold Solar can customize the voltage, power, color, size, and logo of the solar panel, as well as choose the wiring for the solar panel to suit your needs.


You may encounter some doubts when using solar panels or before buying solar panels, here are some frequently asked questions about solar panels for you.


Download Sungold's product catalog or browse our solar product introductions on our website to find the best solar solutions for your needs.

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