SPC TF Series

The SPC-TF series portable solar panels for rv is made of new polymer composite material developed by Sungold. The SPC-TF series is the star product in Sungold’s portable solar charging bag.
SPC-tf series portable solar panel introduction

High-efficiency output

Adopt new polymer composite material

Adapted to the portable power station

Durable ETFE & diamond surface

Ultra-light and portable

The solar panels go with you on camping trip.
travel potable solar panel
rv portable solar panel
Portable solar panel SPC-TF
Stronger impact resistance
The SPC-TF series is the latest generation of the SPC series of portable solar panels. It has the same high performance as the SPC-Normal solar charging bag. The difference is that this one uses a new polymer composite material developed by Sungold itself. Proven by Sungold’s pedal test. The solar panel’s impact resistance is effectively enhanced.

2-year warranty
This solar charging bag (SPC-TF series) has a 2-year warranty. And the solar panel has 8 years of service life. You can use it with confidence.

Portable Solar Panels For RV SPC TF

SPC-TF series portable solar panels are CE and ROHS-certified. The SPC series (SPC-TF) portable solar charging bag is 10% lighter than the SPC-Normal series. This portable solar panel is perfect for use in an RV or camping.
Understand The Technology
The performance of the SPC TF series portable solar panel was tested under the standard test

Uses new polymer composite material

The solar panel is made of a new polymer composite material developed by Sungold. It is formed by glass fiber cloth plus chemical powder through high-temperature pressing. Effectively enhance the impact resistance of solar panels and prolong the service life.

High-efficiency solar cell

The SPC series (SPC-TF) portable solar charging bag uses high-efficiency solar cells. There are monocrystalline solar cells, PERC shingled solar cells, and Sunpower solar cells. High solar energy conversion efficiency. You can choose according to your needs.

Adopting composite backsheet

SPC-TF series adopts a composite backsheet. The composite backsheet strengthens the structural strength of the solar panel and can better protect the solar cells.

SPC solar panel test
The performance of the SPC series portable solar panel was tested under the standard test conditions of module temperature 25℃ and irradiance 1000W/m2. SPC series portable solar panel was subjected to the iron ball drop impact test. The performance of the solar panel was not affected. The test results show the strong impact resistance of the solar module surface.
SPC series portable solar panel has high conversion efficiency solar cells, which can charge lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, and other batteries. It is suitable for all kinds of portable power stations and is most suitable for use in off-grid environments such as RVs and camping.
Product Specifications

Folding Number2pcs3pcs4pcs2pcs3pcs2pcs3pcs4pcs
Maximum power(Pmax)90W135W180W110W165W100W150W200W
Cell Efficiency>24.40%>24.40%>24.40%>22.80%>22.80%>22.00%>22.00%>22.00%
Max Power Voltage22.3V22.3V22.3V19.8V19.8V19.4V19.4V19.4V
Max Power Current4.04A6.06A8.08A5.56A8.34A5.16A7.74A10.31A
Open Circuit Voltage26.2V26.2V26.2V23.3V23.3V22.9V22.9V22.9V
Short Circuit Current4.28A6.42A8.56A6.00A9.00A5.46A8.20A10.93A
Cell typeSUNPOWER SUNPOWER SUNPOWER Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Shingle solar cells Shingle solar cells Shingle solar cells
Outlet/Accessories0.3M Cable + Anderson connector
Expand Size1075*560*4mm1525*560*4mm1975*560*4mm1305*560*4mm1855*560*4mm1155*615*4mm1630*615*4mm2110*615*4mm
Folded Size560*440*15mm560*440*20mm560*440*25mm565*550*15mm565*550*20mm615*470*15mm615*470*20mm615*470*25mm
The maximum system voltage100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)100V DC(IEC)
Max Power Tolerance±5% ±5%±5%±5%±5%±5%±5%±5%
RemarksSUNGOLD offer customize service,please refer to our website or ask SUNGOLD workers for more sizes and the latest parameters.

Sungold Portable Foldable Solar Panels for RV

The Sungold SPC series of portable solar panels is a foldable and reliable solar charger, equipped with a convenient TPE rubber handle and adjustable stand, making it perfect for outdoor RV camping applications. With high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, delivering up to 23.7% efficiency, and reinforced with high-polymer composite materials, you’ll experience higher power output and greater impact resistance compared to conventional portable solar panels on the market.
Advanced ETFE lamination technology and durable waterproof 840D Oxford fabric make it a favorite among RV owners, campers, and travelers. It’s the ideal solution for rapid and efficient power generation in outdoor settings, providing a comprehensive solution.
Foldable Solar Panels for rv

Flexible Series or Parallel Connection - Solving High-Power Storage Pairing?

A single portable solar panel, such as the 100W portable solar panel, is excellent for charging small devices. With specialized parallel connectors, you can also connect two Sungold 100W solar panels in parallel to achieve more output power and charge high-capacity power stations faster. The solar panels can be customized with PV-grade output MC-4 cables. The positive connector is a male connector, and the negative connector is a female connector, making them suitable for series connection.
When solar panels are connected in series (+ to – and + to -), the voltage adds up. When solar panels are connected in parallel (+ to + and – to -), the current increases.
Solving High-Power Storage Pairing
Unique Patented Material

Unique Patented Material - High-Polymer Composite Material

When you use it outdoors, you no longer need to worry about the product being affected by harsh external conditions or external impacts that could lead to hidden cracks in the solar cells, thereby affecting the overall output power of the product. With the use of this high-polymer composite material, the product becomes more durable, significantly extending its lifespan.

Foldable Solar Panels

Foldable solar modules offer a ready-to-use, all-in-one solution. They come with permanently integrated folding stands that allow easy module installation at a 45° angle in any location. This makes them ideal for travel. (Solar kits include support legs, charge controllers, and various connecting cables.)

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