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Sungold’s Balcony Modules for You
Recommended for you 750W (2x375w) rigid solar panel + 600W micro inverter
Sungold's balcony modules
You can choose from colored solar panels or regular rigid solar panels. Provided you with aluminum brackets to fix the solar panel on the railing. The whole balcony modules will be more durable and strong.

For you to recommend 400W (2x200W) flexible solar panels + 300W micro-inverter
Or 800W (2x400W) flexible solar panels + 600W micro-inverter

SG-MB-200W balcony modules
Compared with rigid solar panels, flexible solar panels are lighter and thinner, and you can fix the solar panels on the balcony railing by just connecting straps. It is easier installation.
Installation and Connection
We have designed solar panel and micro-inverter for balcony system. In addition, we also introduce colored glass solar panels to make your balcony more beautiful.
Install the solar panel on the railing and tighten the screws to make sure it is secure. Next, connect the wiring of the panel to the micro-inverter. Finally, connect the micro-inverter to the outlet on the balcony with the power cord. The current passing through the inverter can be plugged directly into a regular power outlet and then connected to the grid.
balcony rail
Choose the Size and Number of Solar Panels
You need to specify the size of your balcony. This is because some areas have restrictions on the height of the balcony. If your balcony is 1.1m high, then the height of the solar panel should preferably be less than 1m. Leave some space for the solar panel installation.
The higher the power output, the larger the size of the solar panel. We can design the best solar panel for your balcony based on the size of your balcony and the power you need.
You Need to Know Your Electricity Consumption
If your home consumes 30KWh of electricity in a month, and you want to save 5%, that is 30KWh * 5% = 1500Wh.You will need to purchase a solar system capable of generating 1500Wh per month.
You will also need to check your local policy on balcony systems. Some areas will have limitations on the size of the balcony system.
In theory, if you install a 600W solar system, you can calculate the amount of electricity it will produce in a day by directly multiplying the output of the system by the hours of sunshine. In practice, however, the power generation of system is often reduced and discounted due to factors such as angle, temperature and hours of sunshine.
balcony modules power your home
Save on your energy bill
The price of electricity (in Germany) is now about 30 Euro cents per kWh. If this 750W system produces 300 kWh of energy a year, that equates to an annual saving of 90 Euros. Suppose you buy this system for 800 Euros. After 8-9 years, you will have paid for yourself. The rigid solar panels have a lifetime of 20 years, and you will continue to generate electricity for free for another 10-11 years.
If electricity prices continue to rise, your balcony system will pay for itself even sooner. Either way, you’ll make a lot of money in the long run.
Save on your Energy Bill

An increasing number of countries are supporting the development of balcony systems. For axample, in Germany, some state governments also offer subsidies of several hundred euros for each balcony PV system.

With Sungold’s balcony modules – rigid solar panels that last for more than 20 years, you can save even more money. If the system generates excess electricity, you can still sell it back to the grid and pay back the cost of the balcony system much faster. Either way, a balcony system is a smart investment to save on your energy bills.
Micro-inverters connected to WIFI help you to monitor the power generated by the balcony system.You can download the APP on your cell phone. Then you can monitor in the APP the power generation of solar panels, the amount of electricity you use, and even the electricity that is recycled by the grid.