12AWG wiring
12 AWG Wiring
14 AWG wiring
14 AWG Wiring

solar accessories

We have a wide selection of solar panels for you to choose from to provide you with the best solar solution. Also, you can learn about solar panel accessories for complete solar solutions. Accessories can also be customized to meet your needs.

MPPT Solar Controller

High-efficiency serial MPPT charging method

MPPT solar charge controller combines solar charge controller and LED constant current driver into one unit. It has multiple load control modes which are ideal for various solar applications, especially when a dimming function is needed.

Industrial grade design

USB output interface design (EU series) and Humanized key setting.

Wide application

Solar caravan, solar home use, outdoor camping, solar yacht solar power station.

MPPT Charge Controller
Micro Inverter
Micro Inverter

Advanced Product Design

The sturdy and durable aviation aluminum alloy shell can withstand harsh environments and collisions, and the high-efficiency dual intelligent cooling fans are not hot and noiseless.

Comprehensive Security Protection

It adopts advanced high-frequency transformer and 100% pure copper ultra-flexible cable, which is very safe to use and has extremely low power conversion loss. It adopts the glue filling process and has a protection level of IP67.

Wide Range of Applications

You can use 20-60V AC power anytime and anywhere. Ideal for use during power outages, emergencies, hurricanes, vacations, cars, RVs, trucks, solar, home, remote workplaces, or anywhere AC power is required.

12AWG wiring

Upgrade 2.0 solar cable

12AWG solar extension cable, the length is customized according to your needs. It is very flexible to minimize power loss in Sungold solar panel system.

Widely used

Solar battery pack plug and play, for connecting solar panels and portable power stations, common to all solar panel kits with MC-4 connectors. You can use it to connect Sungold 100W-400W solar panels and portable power stations.

12 AWG wiring
14AWG wiring
14AWG wiring

This heavy-duty cable uses 14AWG pure copper wire to provide steady current to your device, which is very thick and durable. Double-layer PVC sheath, excellent anti-oxidation and heat resistance. Cable lengths tailored to your needs.

Wide Application

Sturdy solar extension cord suitable for different solar panels, can connect devices compatible with Anderson adapter or dc 8mm/5.5mm port. please feel free to contact us. Our customer service team is always at your service.

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