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Lightweight solar panel
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Lightweight solar panel: 

LE lightweight solar panel series is mainly used for roof of rv, yachts, boats, for outdoor charging 12V energy storage equipment. By replacing the glass, These Solar Panels are 40-50% lighter than old glass panels, The aluminum backboard material is more lightweight and heat dissipation, the hardness is strong, Optional different power three grid or five grid conventional monocrystallie solar cells. Using integral laminating technology and composite materials, more durability, Strict quality control and selected,materials ensure the long-term reliability of the solar panels.

lightweight Solar Panels
  LE series:

These lightweight solar panels are widely used in more fields because of their lightweight and easy installationzz;

Blinding glare associated with glass panels can be dangerous and unsafe in certain applications. These lightweight Solar Panels utilize an advanced material property to reduce the reflection. This makes these solar panel modules perfect for applications where glare becomes a critical safety issue, like military bases, airports, and highways.
lightweight Solar Panel series

lightweight Solar Panel series:

  • Lighter and thinner,Over 40% lighter than glass;
  • Shatterproof, High Transparency, Low Glare;
  • Superior strength and durability;
  • Customizable shapes, sizes, and colors;
  • High efficiency crystalline solar cells;
  • Advanced encapsulating materials;
WARRANTY:  lightweight solar panel  with 1 years warranty.

Top Material

With beautiful design, using overall laminate composite and edge layered structure, By replacing the glass with aluminum, the same power achieves a weight reduction of lighter 40% up to 6.2KG(LE 160w 18v), It also has good heat dissipation effect and more effective protection for cells. Strict quality control and selected
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Lightweight solar panel that Pre-drilled holes in the corners of stainless steel washers are easy to install, the panels can also be securely fixed to follow parallel curves, and can be mounted on coach roofs, rvs, boats, cabins, tents or any other regular surface, away from traditional glass solar panels  Difficult to install

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