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Sungold® Best Flexible Solar Panels TF-270w Black

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TF series photovoltaic module is an innovative glass-free solar module. It adopts proven crystalline silicon solar cell technology and polymer composite material to achieve a new type of pv module that is glass-free, lightweight and thin sheet.
  • SG-TF-M-270W (black)
  • Sungold
  • 4.96kg
  • 22.62%
  • ETFE
  • 1950*710*2mm
  • Monocrystalline (166*166mm)
  • 5 years
Maximum power(Pmax)270W
Open-circuit voltage(Voc)28.6
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp)24.2
Short-circuit current(Isc)11.83
Current at Pmax(Imp)11.16
Cells efficiency(%)22.62%
The maximum system voltage600VDC(IEC)
Power temperature coefficient-0.38%/℃
Voltage temperature coefficient-0.36%/℃
Current temperature coefficient0.07%/℃
Output power tolerance±3%
Operating temperature-40~85℃
Solar cellMonocrystalline  (166*166mm)
Module dimension1940*710*2mm
Number of cells and connection88(4*22)
Junction boxPV-SG018

Low current reduces hot spot temperature

Since there are twice as many strings of half-cell modules, which means that there is only half the heat at the hot spot, and the lower heat causes less damage to the module, it can improve the resistance to hot spot damage and increase the use of the module life.

lower package loss

Since the internal current and line resistance are reduced, the internal losses dissipated in the internal loop are reduced, and the power loss is proportional to the current.

better welding performance

Half-cell design, the welding copper strip is only half of the whole cell, which reduces the process defects of virtual welding and copper strip whitening during the welding process of the cell.

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