Sungold Launch A Semi-Flexible Solar Panel - LEE-Series for Marine Use

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Sungold brings a new product to the customers in May, namely, LEE-series solar panel which is designed for marine use. The series of semi-flexible solar panel is a new version of LE-series of product. Following we will introduce the LEE-series to you.


When it comes to material, LEE-series of product uses Japanese-imported ETFE material on its both surfaces and a PCB fibre glass sheet on the back, making it more durable and particularly suitable for marine use. A grade solar cells are adopted to ensure 22.42%-22.60% energy conversion efficiency. 

Seen from the appearance, the series of product has beautiful look. Unique frameless design and metal reinforced mounting holes make it easy to install. ETFE surface makes it free from maintenance, just rainfall can clean the dust and dirt due to its nonstick surface.

In terms of characteristics, the semi-flexible solar panel is available to bend, which is greatly easy to install and remove, and is perfect for off-grid use or placement on the top of a RV, cabin, tent or any other irregular surfaces, especially for marine use. Besides, it features high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and has longer service time.

In addition, the new product is very thin and lightweight, 50% lighter than conventional solar panels, making transportation a breeze. The solar panel and junction box are waterproof, suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions. 

Sungold is committed to offer high-quality products and great customer services to customers. Moreover, we will improve our products according to the needs of customers.

Sungold Launch A Semi-Flexible Solar Panel - LEE-Series for Marine Use
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