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Portable solar panels-SPC-TF series

SPC-TF series products are popular solar folding bag style in the market. They are made of polymer materials and have high flexibility and strength. Optional ETFE surface and diamond surface, beautiful and fashionable surface. OEM according to your requirements(M:110-165W S:90-180W).

Customizable 90W-180W

SUNGOLD SPC Portable Folding Solar Panel is a lightweight, foldable design, high conversion efficiency solar charger for applications requiring a smaller footprint, using advanced lamination technology and durable ETFE &Diamond       surface , all in one Chemical fabric sewing process, longer service life, become the most suitable for people with RVs, campers and off-grid adventures, you can enjoy solar energy when there is sunshine; at the same time, according to your usage habits, we introduce 90W-180W for SPC series Different models can be customized for your diverse choices.



Portable solar charger designed for rechargeable 12V batteries


By switching to renewable energy, it's an efficient and convenient way to keep your devices charged while off-grid, suitable for well-known energy storage sources.




Selection Table

Image Product Name Model Cells Efficiency Surface material Unfold Dimension Fold Dimension Solar cell Weight
// Sungold®SPC-TF-D-4*50W Shingled Portable Solar Panel SPC-TF-D-4*50W 22.00% ETFE 2110*615*4mm 615*470*25mm PERC Shingled cells (210) 5.7kg
// Sungold® SPC-TF-M-2X55W Best Portable Solar Panel SPC-TF-M-2*55W 22.80% ETFE 1305*565*4mm 565*550*15mm 166mm Mono 3.5kg
// Sungold® SPC-TF-S-3X45W(ETFE) Best Portable Solar Panel (A) SPC-TF-S-3*45W 24.40% ETFE 1525*560*4mm 560*440*20mm SunPower 3.9kg


                               There is 12V output to charge battery, lead acid battery and lithium battery, no matter it is sealed battery, flood battery or others. With regular connections, it's suitable for batteries.


  • solar-panel-portable-charger

    Durable design, built for the outdoors

    The use of new polymer materials has stronger impact resistance, lighter weight, good crack resistance and extended battery lifeThe canvas material is durable and suitable for outdoor camping and off-grid adventures.

  • portable-solar-battery-charger-new

    Foldable and portable design, adjustable stand

    Easy to carry, can be lifted with one hand, easy to adjust the angle of the solar panel, in order to achieve more charging effect, easy to use,ETFE surface and diamond surface are optional, can be OEM according to customer needs


Frequently Asked Questions

IP67 waterproof Grade

Durable ETFE&diamond surface

Foldble&Easy to Carry

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