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PERC Shingled-cell Solar Panel(SGD series)

Change the way of electricity


Mono/Poly Rigid Solar Panel


- High conversion efficiency: greatly reduce light and electricity loss; leading in component power industry

- Strong stability: effectively enhance the reliability and stability

- Significantly reduce the effect of hot spot

- 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship, 25-year warranty on linear power output

- Reduce system cost: high component efficiency can effectively reduce the floor space, BOS, transportation, and operation costs to 5-10%


PERC Shingle-cell  SOLAR PANEL 


Innovative Technology for Interconnecting the cells — minimizes the electrical losses from cell to cell and provides higher efficiency. Increase the solar cells' available space to absorb more sunlight. Unique Production Metho (Patent Pending)— increases in the active area of modules, to convert more sunlight into electricity.

Selection Table

Image Product Name Brand Model Cells Efficiency Dimension Weight
// Sungold® 100W Shingled Rigid Solar Panel Sungold SGD-M2-100W 22.00% 1150*460*30mm 5.76kg
// Sungold® 250W Shingled Rigid Solar Panel Sungold SGD-M2-250W 22.00% 1420*890*35mm 13.56 kg
// Sungold® 290W Shingled Rigid Solar Panel Sungold SGD-M2-290W 22.00% 1660*890*35mm 15.85 kg
// Sungold® 150W Shingled Rigid Solar Panel Sungold SGD-M2-150W 22.00% 1150*680*35mm 8.38 kg
// Sungold® 70W Mono Rigid Solar Panel Sungold SGD-70W 21.24% 590*670*30mm 4.35kg
// Sungold® 50W Mono Rigid Solar Panel Sungold SGD-50W 21.24% 585*510*25mm 3.28kg
// Sungold® 30W Mono Rigid Solar Panel Sungold SGD-30W 21.24% 525*348*25mm 2.01kg


The solar panel is able to charge the batteries of the vehicles such as boat, motorhome, caravan, camper, narrowboat, and yacht, etc, or any other systems with a 12V battery or battery bank.

SGD Series



Frequently Asked Questions

More Reliable

Avoiding the battery crack caused by the traditional welding process

Beautiful Appearance

Batteries are evenly arranged with perfect visual enjoyment​​​​​​​


10 years on materials; 25 years on linear power output

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