Sungold Solar PERC Shingled-cell Solar Panel SGD-M2-50W

Sungold 50W monocrystalline photovoltaic panel with a conversion efficiency of up to 22%, has a longer lifespan. To prevent solar cells from overheating, our solar panels are equipped with high-performance bypass diodes to minimize power drop due to shading.

In our Sungold solar panels, each sub-string consists of 36~40 connected cut cells in a way that ensures that there is no distance between cells.This innovative technique maximizes the space for cell array and significantly improves the panel’s efficiency.
Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow for quick installation and fixing, ideal for off-grid applications including RVs, roofs, cabins, yachts, etc.

make the most of every sunlight


Shingled process

Higher Efficiency
Suitable for Multiple Scenarios

Shingled process

The shingled process uses the latest monocrystalline cells and the latest shingled technology and uses a special welding method to connect the cells. The area under the same power output is smaller, and the front side can be more impacted.

Higher Efficiency
Maximum power of 50w, efficiency of 22%. PERC shingled cell technology to increase the effective light receiving area, higher power.This makes PERC technology an attractive option for solar panel manufacturers and installers
SGD series perc shingled-cells solar panels are the most mature design. The connection between the glass panel and the aluminum frame is encapsulated with solar silica gel, which will not allow any water vapor to enter. SGD series photovoltaic panel has IP67 waterproof grade. The whole product will not be affected by rain or water splashing. It can work outdoors for a long time without worrying about any quality problems.
Suitable for Multiple Scenarios
Ideal for 12V off-grid applications including RVs, rooftops, cabins, yachts, homes, fences, greenhouse, etc. If you need to charge the 24V/48V battery, you can connect multiple solar panels in series.

Frequently Asked Questions
SGD solar glass panel is one of the most mature products, although the weight of the product is relatively thick, but stable and trouble-free use is greatly reducing the customer’s after-sales worries.
Conventional RV roof, roof off grid system, traffic road peripheral products, field fixed use, etc.
Yes, the USB power comes from the battery and the controller will protect the battery from overcharging and overdischarging.
The low voltage disconnect is set in most of chargers / controllers, not on solar panel. My suggestion is not to charge yours battery without controller, you will damage your battery.
Yes. It reduces output dramatically as in all solar panels.
Panels are not affected by ice, snow, or rain, but you lose some efficiency in bad weather

Maximum power(Pmax)


Open-circuit voltage(Voc)


Voltage at Pmax(Vmp)


Short-circuit current(Isc)


Current at Pmax(Imp)


Cells efficiency(%)


The maximum system voltage

600V DC(IEC)

Power temperature coefficient


Voltage temperature coefficient


Current temperature coefficient


Output power tolerance


Operating temperature







10 years

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There are three things we need to determine what you will need for your solar generator
What type of solar panel do you need?
What size of solar panels and batteries will be needed
What is the total watts you will be needing and how with your generator be used?

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