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Flexible solar panel-LEE series

Sungold Marine Solar Panel 

For marine boats or yachts

- ETFE is used on both sides of the panel
- Resistance to high temperature and corrosion, and longer lifespan
- A grade solar cells are adopted, thus conversion efficiency is up to       22.42%-22.60%
- The weight is 50% less than traditional panel
- Waterproof, and suitable for outdoors in all weather conditions
LEE -Professional Test
Industrial Standard Quality Control
Sungold LEE-series solar panels are the updated version of LE-series. Compared with LE, the LEE-series uses Japan-imported ETFE material on the both sides. Special material was built in to protect the solar cells from hail. Besides, its special grain design can reduce the reflection of sunlight and absorb more sunlight. 

- High Temperature Test
- High Humidity 85% Test

  Flexible solar panel(LEE series)

The LEE-series uses Japan-imported ETFE material on both sides.
Image Product Name Model Solar cell Cells Efficiency Surface material Dimension
// Sungold® 150W Best Semi Flexible Solar Panel LEE-M2-150W Monocrystalline 182 22.70% ETFE 1010*765*4mm
// Sungold® 100W Best Semi Flexible Solar Panel LEE-M2-100W Monocrystalline 182 22.70% ETFE 950*580*4mm
// Sungold® 135w Semi Flexible Solar Panel LEE-SP-135W22.3V SunPower 24.40% ETFE 540*1205*4mm
// Sungold® 165w Solar Panel Manufacturer LEE-SP-165W27.3V SunPower 24.20% ETFE 540*1470*4mm


It is designed for 12V batteries, applying to vehicle and boat, motorhome, caravan, camping tent, narrow boat, yacht and other equipment 

with a 12V battery or battery bank.


Frequently Asked Questions

Transmittance as high as 95%, resistance to high temperature 
High Efficiency 

Premium solar cells adopted; Conversion up to 22.42%-24% 
Semi-Flexible & Durable

Perfect for marine, RVs, cabins, tents and any other irregular surfaces
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