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Folding solar kits Hi-Power Series

Combining the needs of outdoor electrical loads and outdoor camping with large capacity energy storage, SUNGOLD has custom developed the portable high power solar panel HP series, which is a highly efficient, foldable and lightweight solar panel. Adopting the shingled technology, the surface is covered with ETFE material, which effectively protects the battery and improves impact resistance, so there is no need to worry about outdoor use. According to the different needs of different customers for high power applications, we can design custom 4*100W high power solar cells for you.


Custom 4*100W High Power Solar Panel

The Hi-Power series solar panel is a highly efficient, foldable solar panel with a stylish and convenient carrying bag that can be easily carried with the help of a handle. It is suitable for off-grid homes, caravans, commercial vehicles, boats, outdoor camping, outdoor emergency and other high-power applications. For the Hi-Power series we have introduced a 4*100w custom designed high power solar panel.



Designed for portable power stations


With the increase in outdoor electrical loads, the choice of purchasing high power solar panels is the biggest reason for carrying larger capacity energy storage when outdoors.The HP series adopts shingled technology, which places 5% more cells than other products. Effectively improve the light receiving area of the solar panel. At the same time, the shingled module has stronger hot spot resistance, lower risk of cracking, and less power loss.

Selection Table

Image Product Name Brand Model Solar cell Cells Efficiency Surface material Dimension Warranty
// Sungold®Hi-Power4*100W Folding Solar Panel Sungold HP-D-4*100W PERC Shingled cells (210) 22.00% ETFE 5 years
// Sungold®Hi-Power2*100W Folding Solar Panel Sungold HP-D-2*100W PERC Shingled cells(210) 22.00% ETFE 5 years


Off-grid applicaiton, camping,garden, RV or outdoor, etc.

Hi-Power series

Hi-Power Series


3 Reasons to Choose Hi-Power Series
Covered ETFE material​​​​​​​

    Strong anti-uv anti-aging, extending        the service life of solar panels.
High efficiency

  Adopting  the  shingled technology for      higher conversion efficiency.
 5 years warranty

         Waterproof and durable, long                    service life.

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