Sungold 330 watt solar panels HP-3*110W

Sungold Hi-Power 3*110W portable solar panel is made of high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells, the solar panel has high conversion efficiency. The panel is made of patented materials and new technology for longer service life.
With a single carry handle design, it is easy to carry the solar panel suitcase or hang it on the RV, cabin, roof, or tree. Compatible with all kinds of portable power stations on the market to meet your daily needs.
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Using monocrystalline solar cells
ETFE surface material
Easy to use
High compatibility and versatility
Using monocrystalline solar cells
Sungold Hi-Power 3*110W portable solar panel is made of high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells. Its efficiency is up to 22.80%. You can enjoy the power of the sun to your heart’s content. It is a ready-made outdoor off-grid solution.
ETFE surface material
It is made of ETFE surface material. The panel is UV resistant, has sound light transmission, and can achieve 98% light transmission. It also provides excellent weathering and salt spray resistance for solar panels, extending the service life of solar panels.
Easy to use
The Sungold Hi-Power 3*110W portable solar panel features a foldable design. It consists of 3 connected 110W panels. Each solar panel has an adjustable bracket underneath. When folded, the solar panel is approximately 1072*547*70mm and can fit in the trunk of a small car.
High compatibility and versatility
Sungold Hi-Power 3*110W Portable Solar Panel is suitable for portable power stations. Instantly charge your smartphone, laptop, tablet, iPad, GPS, USB fan, camera, or other devices quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This Hi-Power Series 3*110W Portable Solar Panel is designed to power the outdoors, RV camping, fishing, off-roading, and emergencies. Hi-Power Series solar panels can power most of your basic outdoor appliances and electronics.

Adjust the angle of the solar panel at any time. Let the sun shine directly on the solar panel.
Thank you for your interest in the Sungold Hi-power series of portable solar panels. We offer a five-year warranty for this solar panel. If there is any problem when using the product, you can contact us. We are always at your service.

Sungold HP-3*110W is tested in an ideal laboratory. The output power of solar panels can be affected by various factors, such as unexpected weather (cold, cloudy, and rainy), the angle of the sun’s rays, and the absence of shadows.

The Hi-power series solar panels are covered with ETFE surface material, which can make the solar panels highly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.

Maximum power(Pmax)


Open-circuit voltage(Voc)


Voltage at Pmax(Vmp)


Short-circuit current(Isc)


Current at Pmax(Imp)


Cells efficiency(%)


The maximum system voltage

100V DC(IEC)

Power temperature coefficient


Voltage temperature coefficient


Current temperature coefficient


Output power tolerance


Operating temperature



10kg (22.2lbs)

Folding Size


Unfold Size



5 year

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