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  Portbale Solar Suitcases(LVP series)

Ultra thin frame folding solar panel, Welcome you issue a sample order to us


Lightweight/Rigid Folding Solar Suitcases


- The use of magnet handle simplify the process to use.

- The weight is only half of traditional solar panel.

- Better protection comparing to other light products.

- Flexible cover to protect the panel better.

- Smart solar controller was built in to prevent over charging and solar discharge.

- Durable storage bag included.


Ultra Folding SOLAR PANEL-LVP 

Camping foldable solar panel


LVP, portable suitcase style solar panel, made of magnet handle instead of traditional lock and light stands, which makes LVP, only half of the weight of the averaging suitcase style panel, can be easily used in 3 steps: open it, lift up the stands, plug cable to battery.



Selection Table

Image Product Name Model Cells Efficiency Surface material Unfold Dimension Fold Dimension Solar cell
// Sungold® 130w Folding Solar Suitcases LVP2 130W A 22.70% ETFE 1193*635*25mm 635*595*50mm Monocrystalline 182
// Sungold®270 Watt Portable Solar Panel Kit LVP2 270W A 22.70% ETFE 1563*900*25mm 900*780*50mm Monocrystalline 182
// Sungold® 180 Watt Portable Solar Panel LVP2 180W A 22.70% ETFE 1193*820*25mm 820*595*50mm Monocrystalline 182


The folding solar panel is designed for charging 12V batteries, perfect for the battery of vehicles and boats, motorhomes, caravans, camping tents, narrow boats, yachts and any other equipment with a 12V battery or battery bank.

LVP Serie



Frequently Asked Questions

Angle Adjustable Stand 

The use of magnet handle simplify the process to use

Lightweight and Portbale


 Only 50% weight of the conventional glass rigid folding solar panel

Easy to Carry

Better protection comparing to other lightweight products

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