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Portable solar panels-Winner Bag-TF series

Second-generation Winner bag series, using new technology and new handle design, brings an appearance experience, worry-free outdoor travel, and breaks through the traditional and flexible settings DC 12v output port and USB 5v port external, more suitable Customized requirements for outdoor portable power station.

Winner bag- Portbable Solar Charger


1. Using new technology, it has stronger impact resistance, and no longer worries about the problem of insufficient portable power station; at the same time, we adopt a more fashionable and sturdy handle design to satisfy your easy carrying.

2. The output interface can be flexibly set and customized according to your needs. It can be integrated with the handle and used with energy storage anytime and anywhere; it can also be connected with an external USB interface at any time to meet the needs of your other mobile devices. electricity demand.


Customized Design

1. Our custom-designed best portable solar panels can meet the design of wholesalers with different powers.

2. This Winner bag series can meet the matching of different brands of energy storage on the market, especially high-power energy storage, we can also perfectly combine.

3. Under the innovative and mature technology, the Winner bag supports us to camp, hike, and travel wherever we want. Not only is it equipped with a conventional cable clip, the Winner bag is also equipped with two external USB fast charging ports, which can easily meet the basic needs of charging mobile devices, and can also be integrated with the handle and the DC port.


Selection Table

Image Product Name Model Solar cell Cells Efficiency Surface material Unfold Dimension Fold Dimension
// Sungold® SGWB2-TF-M-2X50W Best Portable Solar Panel SGWB2-TF-M-2X50W Mono 21.44% ETFE 1200*535*16mm 605*535*32mm
// Sungold® SGWB2-TF-M-2X50W(Diamond grain) Best Portable Solar Panel SGWB2-TF-M-2X50W Mono 21.44% ETFE 1200*535*20mm 605*535*36mm
// Sungold® SGWB2-TF-M-4X50W Portable Solar Panel Kit SGWB2-TF-M-4X50W Mono 21.44% ETFE 2250*535*16mm 605*535*32mm
// Sungold®SGWB2-TF-D-4x50W-A Shingled Solar Panel SGWB2-TF-D-4x50W-A PERC Shingled cells (210) 22.00% ETFE 2040*615*16mm 615*550*32mm


The foldable solar panels are great for outdoor life, such as camping, hiking, climbing and picnic, ideal for trekker, RV etc.

  • best-flexible-solar-panels

     Durable design, built for the outdoors

    The use of new polymer materials has stronger impact resistance, lighter weight, good crack resistance and extended battery life;with higher conversion efficiency, which can be as high as 24.4%.

  • flexible-solar-panels

    Unique handle design

    Adopt new handle, more portable, adjustable stand for easy installation or angle adjustment,Made of canvas material is durable and suitable for outdoor camping and off-grid adventures.​​​​​​​


Frequently Asked Questions

Longer life

The Winner bag lasts longer

Lightweight & Portable​​​​​​​
Lighter and more portable

Flexible and customized

The output port is more flexible and customized

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